Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Checking book out on your iPad

Did You Know You Can Check Out Books on Your iPad?

A recent post on Doug Johnson's Blue Skunk blog discussed ten ways to use technology to promote reading. At Moultonborough Academy, we have a 1:1 iPad program at the middle school, and this has allowed us to expand our book offerings by moving into the realm of eBooks. 

We use a service called Overdrive Media, which is also used by many public libraries around the United States, including collaborating libraries through the New Hampshire's State LibraryOverdrive allows you to download audiobooks and ebooks to use on your home computer or mobile device.

You can check out and download the following types of digital materials using Overdrive:

  •     Adobe® PDF eBooks
  •     Adobe® EPUB eBooks
  •     Kindle eBooks
  •     OverDrive WMA Audiobooks
  •     OverDrive MP3 Audiobooks

To access these digital materials you need…

  •  A library ID number (available from the library).
  • Internet access (preferably high speed) and/or a wireless connection.
  • A computer or device that meets the system requirements for the digital materials you want to check out (Mac and Windows computers, iPads and other Apple devices, Androids, Kindles, Nooks, and Sony Readers).
  • Free software for your computer or compatible device.
  • An Adobe ID.

If you are interested, the first step is to download the free Overdrive media app from iTunes, and install it on your iPad. Then, click on it. You will see this screen:

Click on the tab at the top. This brings you to the search screen:

Look up the Moultonborough Academy library by clicking on Add a library. By searching for Moultonborough, you will get both us and the public library. Add the public library as well. Now, if you have a public library card, you can check out books from our Overdrive account and from the State's Overdrive account as well.

Now, click on Moultonborough Academy. It brings you to this screen:

Your library card number is a five digit number, and you also use that number for your lunch account. Enter your number, and click on sign in. You will see the following screen, where you can now browse our collection. 

When you have selected a book, click on it. It will bring you to a page similar to this one:

Click on borrow. You now go to the format selection. You can choose to read it in your browser or on a different format. Note that reading in your browser requires an internet connection. If you want it to read on the bus or on a plane, download it as an ePub or as a Kindle. Both of these will require their own app to read.
To read in your browser, click on the red button. As long as you did not download a version, you can always return the title when you are done or do not want it any longer.

If you select one of the download choices, you will have 14 days to read or listen to your book.

You can also access this service from a computer, by clicking on this link and then entering your library number as above.

If you need help or have any questions, come to the Library Media Center, and we will help you get eReading!