Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The start of a new school year

The technology department is busy during the summer months dealing with the various computers and iPads around the schools. This year at the Academy, we migrated two grades from older iPads 3rd and 4th generations to iPad Air and iPad Air 2. Our devices are now an average of two years old. Computers in the CAD lab and in the library were updated and cleaned up, and are now ready for students to return to class.

Today and tomorrow are our iPads pickup days. Students and/or parents are coming in to collect their device so that we do not have to roll them out on the first day of school, which is already so busy with activities and new classes. Here are a few pictures of our set-up:

We also created a Schoology class for new students so that they can set up their device at their own pace by watching several videos and completing short modules. We hope to use this class throughout the school year also, as new students move in the district.