Sunday, September 9, 2012

Aw Summer!

Now the work really began.

Planning, Re-Planning, Writing, Editing...

6 Middle Level Teachers attended a 4 day workshop on iPads in Education at New Hampton School. 
As we start this blog, I look forward to adding the ML Teachers as editors so they can share the real experience and point of a 1:1: EDUCATION.

These teachers and tech/media personnel met afterward to focus on the plans for the year
These included:
  • iPad Agreement
  • iPad Letter
  • iPad Curriculum Plans (A list of ipad Apps to start the year was part of this)
  • iPad Management
  • iPad Implementation Plans
  • iPad Orientation with Parents
  • iPad Orientation with Students
The Tech Team had a huge job of figuring out the management of the software, the hardware, rolling out almost 50 physical devices. We attended iOs management webinars, workshops and had emails with other schools rolling out 1:1 ipads with Middle School Students.

 I won't bore you with all the full details here  but we started the year using the following: Meraki's Mobile Device Management, Aerohive, Apple's VPP, Google APPS accounts, and  iTunes.

This seems like such a short post for how much effort and time we put in this summer...

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