Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Math students have used the iPad in the following ways:

TenMarks: With the iPad, students have easy access to this tutorial math program. Teachers are able to assign individual problem sets to students and to follow students individually on their progress.

Dropbox and uPad apps: Teachers upload pdfs of math worksheets to Dropbox. Students then download the pdfs and are able to import them into the uPad app where they can then make personal notes and marks on them before turning them back in to the teacher electronically.

iBook: Mrs. Law and Ms. Touhey created an ibook using ibook author for the first part of the math program. The students are able to access the book, make notes and personal entries all while Mrs. Law can make changes and students receive the updated version instantly.

Other Apps:  Students have used a variety of apps that allow students to enhance their math skills and increase their levels of understanding. These apps include Math!!!, Math7, Ooops (order of operations), tangrams, stopwatch and calculators.

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