Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Hour of Code at Moultonborough Academy

Moultonborough Academy students participated in the Hour of Code activities today. Hour of Code activities are designed to promote computer programming and encourage students to not simply use their devices, but to understand how to program them.

During PAWS, students and teachers had the opportunity to program Minecraft characters to perform several actions, from harvesting resources to building a house. Hour of Code activities kicked off with high schoolers accessing the site through Schoology and then completing each level of tasks.

Students who were done then had the chance to attempt another activity, from programming a Star Wars game to Frozen. Most activities required over 75 lines of code to be created.

Middle schoolers then joined in during their own PAWS.

For the second year in a row, we had a successful hour of code. And to continue promoting programming, our own programming class will be hosting two game days on Thursday and Friday in the cafeteria during lunch. Students will be able to play games created by other students and provide constructive feedback to the game designers. We hope to boost both the number of students interested in programming in general as well as enrollment in the Academy's programming classes in particular.

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